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Useful Information About A Home Green Carpet

Carpet remains one of the most popular flooring options, as it's the only one of its kind that is soft, luxurious and bursting with unique colors and patterns. One of the newest updates is green carpeting options. With more focus on an environmentally friendly carpet for the home, this flooring is now popularly made from post-consumer recycled materials.

At first glance, the eco-friendly carpet may seem to be absolutely perfect - and the right purchase to make. But just as you would consider the pros and cons of any home improvement project, you should also look at the advantages and disadvantages of shopping for green carpet for the home.

First off, it's important to understand the differences between green carpets. Some are made from post-consumer recycled materials such as pop and water bottles. This flooring option is an excellent choice, as it keeps waste out of the landfills, recycles material and allows the carpeting to be recycled at a later date. It also uses less Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs, leading to a healthier, happier home.

There are also natural carpets that are made from natural materials such as wool, jute or seagrass. These materials come from resources throughout the world and help support the economy. They are treated with far fewer toxins and are generally quite durable in nature, but their prices can be high, as they are dependent on the environment and other global conditions.

With these factors in mind, let's take a look at the pros and cons to the natural carpet.

The Advantages to Green Carpet
- Recycled carpet benefits the environment, as it keeps waste out of landfills.

- When you choose to replace your recycled carpet, it can be further recycled, unlike traditional carpet scraps.

- There are fewer VOCs with recycled carpet, leading to improved indoor air quality and fewer respiratory conditions.

- Natural carpets are made at factories that emit fewer toxins in the air, making factories safer for the environment.

- The cost of natural carpets has come down in price, there are more options to work with and durability and stain resistance are high.

- By purchasing natural carpet for the home, you're supporting the local economy and making a difference in the environment.

The Disadvantages to Recycled Carpet
- Not all recycled carpets are made with 100% recyclable materials. Some only use 60%, which means you're not getting the full benefit.

- There are fewer options available in terms of color and style, which can make it difficult for homeowners that have something specific in mind.

- Depending on your regional location, there may be fewer quantities of natural carpet on hand.

- Natural and recycled carpets cost more than traditional carpets. Natural carpets are dependent on its sources, while recycled carpeting is a bit more difficult to produce.

As you see, there are many pros and cons to choosing green carpeting, although most people agree that eco-friendly carpet for the home is the better choice. You will still have to consider your own budget and personal preferences, and many of the minor drawbacks of recycled carpet should be overcome in the future. For example, more manufacturers are already offering green carpeting, which means more choices and lower costs. The most important factor is that we finally have a choice and can make a positive impact on the environment.

Green Carpet Cleaning Solution

It is hard to find the right carpet cleaning solution for removing carpet odors. In fact, many people spend large amounts of money to get carpets and vehicles professionally cleaned when odors are too strong to eliminate themselves.

Many chemically based cleaning solutions simply mask bad smells but cannot remove them. Expensive cleaning machines may leave you with a damp carpet that takes hours to dry, rendering the area unusable. In addition, such dampness may lead to even worse odors, associated with mildew and mold. The good news is that there is, in fact, a way to remove odors from carpets and it is completely eco-friendly.

Getting to the Source
To understand why a green carpet cleaning solution is so effective, it is important to understand how carpet cleaning chemicals are used. The odor from within carpets may often be deeply embedded within the carpet fibers. In many cases, carpet cleaning systems, like vacuum cleaners, may eliminate only the top surface of the stain, leaving the particles behind that may resurface and cause odors.
In some cases, the stain may harden and become difficult to dislodge. Many chemical cleaners usually just cover bad carpet odor with a strong chemical scent. However, this soon fades and the bad carpet odor returns. If the foul odor comes from mold or fungus, it may be even more difficult to remove as it can re-grow and spread to other areas of the carpet.

There is an eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution, which effectively removes odors because it attacks the odor right at the source. These carpet cleaners actually contain a special kind of technology that breaks down dirt and debris, right at the molecular level. These tiny particles are then encapsulated, enabling them to be removed completely and effectively with a carpet extractor. In this way, even the toughest stains and old deposits can be broken down and removed with relative ease.

The Right Machine
Apart from green cleaning products, an effective carpet cleaning solution also lies in using the right kind of cleaning machines. After all, pre-spraying the carpet with a green solution to crystallize dirt is only half the process. These crystallized residues must be extracted. However, if the carpet cleaners do not contain the power needed for cleaning deep stains, particles will remain behind, causing odors, mold, fungus, and bacteria.

When purchasing carpet extractor machines or rug carpet cleaners, it is worth looking into units that have a low water flow. These machines will rely more on extraction power to eliminate dirt and debris. In this way, the drying times for carpets can be reduced to just a few hours. This is an important point to consider when looking for a cleaning solution for carpets in commercial areas with high traffic.

The machines used in conjunction with your carpet cleaning solution also play a role in odor removal. For instance, hot water carpet cleaners are more efficient in cleaning sticky stains or deposits that may be old and hardened. A hot water carpet extractor used with the right eco-friendly cleaning chemical can go a long way in removing foul odors that are particularly stubborn. In addition, the quick drying times associated with heated, low-flow carpet extractors lead to no risk of mold or mildew growth, one of the leading causes of odors resulting when cleaning carpets improperly.

The bottom line is that you do not need to eliminate a perfectly good carpet just because it has a foul odor, nor do you have to spend hefty sums of money for professional services to continually maintain your business's carpets. By using the right cleaning chemicals with the right rug carpet cleaners, even the most stubborn odors can be removed.

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Great Carpet Maintaining Tips

Carpets are the most recent pattern in new age home enhancements. They are simple for keeping up and look great as well. But a few people still favor conventional floor covers like carpet. A stylish look can be accomplished with this floor covering. In spite of the fact that picking them for your home will rely on your taste and spending plan. Carpet cleaning and keeping them tidy free would be an important errand. This article will give you few hints for keeping your floor covering clean and tidy free. Carpet is brilliant to have in the home. It can provide a room identity, warmth, and solace. Dealing with it, however, can now and again be a task. What's more, individuals don't give it the best possible consideration it requires.

Cleaning the stains instantly
-Spilling of fluid will represent an issue for carpet clients. When you are having the floor covering at your home, you can't maintain a strategic distance from this issue. Particularly if you have children, it turns out to be significantly more difficult. You can't request that everyone quit utilizing the region secured with carpet for eating and henceforth it will undoubtedly get stains. Try not to keep the undertaking of evacuating the stain for some other time. Quickly, blotch it with high temp water, this will clean the essential stain. Try not to utilize some arbitrary item to clean the stains on floor covers as they will accomplish more damage than high.

General vacuum cleaning
-Carpet cleaning should be possible by utilizing a vacuum cleaner. Tidy gets aggregated on carpet rapidly and henceforth cleaning them consistently with a vacuum cleaner would be helpful for keeping up sterile condition. It is fundamental to keep your home tidy free since it could cause skin and respiratory issues. Utilizing vacuum cleaner once every week and that too at the zone where there is more pedestrian activity would enable you to keep your floor covering clean.

Steam cleaning

-This method of carpet cleaning is otherwise called heated water extraction. An answer made up of high temp water and cleanser is showered, and after that, the machine is utilized for extraction. The device can be leased from the nearby handyman shop. This strategy will evacuate the earth that vacuum cleaner can't annihilate.

Re-rearranging your furniture
-This may appear like an overwhelming errand, but then it will keep the mark on your floor covering. The marks caused due to the furniture legs may make significant damage your carpet. You require not complete a considerable shifting of your furniture but rather moving it a couple of inches will fathom your motivation.

Proficient Help
-You can get master help in carpet cleaning. A few specialists go up against this activity, and they are great at it. They do the cleaning work entirely and have aptitude in this field. Looking for expert help once every year for this undertaking is prescribed. Connecting with somebody who offers this administration requiring little to no effort might be hazardous. Concerning gaining the benefit, they might avoid some essential procedure with the ease offer, and they may harm your costly floor covering.

Indeed, kept up carpets can be utilized for a considerable length of time and henceforth take great care of them would be imperative. Spending couple of dollars more would be sensible consumption for safeguarding the magnificence of your floor covering.

The carpet that you picked for your home was not a simple choice. You needed to coordinate the stylistic theme of your home, scan at the best cost, and get it introduced. The nature of the carpet might be high-gauge, but if it isn't looked after adequately, it won't last. You have to guarantee that your carpet will keep going you quite a while. Here are the best tips for keeping your fleece carpet.

If your carpet is situated in a high movement region, it will gather tidy, soil, and waste. One should continuously vacuum to keep it clean. The more it sits on the carpet, the higher it has an opportunity to end up caught it and made it harder to clean. This can likewise cause stains which won't turn out.

Numerous stains that are headstrong can be cleaned effortlessly when they are new. Since the carpet is produced using the fleece material, it has an opportunity to separate and harm the look and nature of the floor covering if stains are permitted to stay for an expanded period without being cleaned.

Any stain is best expelled with a fluid arrangement that has been joined with water. This lifts the molecule from the fleece. You just need to enable then it to dry after flushing the cleaning specialist out with water. Praise the region with a towel to evacuate overabundance dampness.

For any extreme stains that aren't getting alleviation with standard cleaning agents attempt steam. You can enlist an expert organization to play out the administration for you for a little charge. Or on the other hand, you can lease or buy a steam cleaner to do it without anyone else's help.

Ensure that you check the name of any chemicals you choose to apply to the carpet. Some contain harsh chemicals that can't be utilized. Any oxygen chemicals are one such write that does not blend well with the fleece material. It dissolves the substance which may abandon it stained or deformed. Try not to utilize fade on the carpet. Regardless of whether the carpet is white, it isn't a smart thought.

Fleece does not do well in high warmth. That costly fleece sweater that you buy must be laundered. It states not to wash it with high warmth. The same is valid for your carpet. It can't take the extreme heat too. It will shrivel.

If you take fantastic care of your fleece carpet, it will last you the time allotment that you live in your home. You may choose to change the stylistic layout since you need to, not because of any substitution from harm or stains. By utilizing the right cleaning agents, evacuating soil, grime, and stains as they happen, you will keep your carpet looking new and new. Steam cleaning is the technique for the conclusive decision that can help you on account of a desperate cleaning crisis.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

The Common Types of Carpets

The carpet showcase is a huge market with a large selection of varieties. Carpets  are available in different styles and assortments, each composing fills its need in its own way, regardless of whether it is your visitors with favor appearance and plan of the carpet or whether it is used for any  other reason.

Here are some types of carpets that this article will focus on:

Solitary yarn

These are made on a tufting machine, so they are called tufted carpets. When this type of carpet is supplied either with dyed or non-dyed yarn, the following procedure follows the wilting or printing of this carpet with a contour that is best prescribed to entice the customers. In contrast to different types of carpets, this type of carpet is generally more cost effective in the market.


The production of woven carpets is basically on a strut, which hardly differs from a tissue. In most cases, a few hued yarns are used, and this particular process is equipped to deliver stunning designs with predetermined contours. Since these types of carpets are made continuously at a low speed during assembly, this is the reason why they are usually very expensive on the market.

Woven carpet is created on a publisher, which is basically the same as woven fabric, as cut Flor. There are several different shaded yarns that are used and the entire process is suitable for delivering extremely stunning designs from  pre-determined plans. On the whole, the most important feature of carpets is accessible.

Weave layer

Level weaving rugs are made by vertical twisting and even weft threads. These carpets are among the most atypical types of carpets normally found in Japan, as in any other place in the world.

Needle felt

Needlefelt carpets are hi-tech carpets and mechanically one of the driven types of carpet. It is a high high strength carpet supplied by the electrostatic fascination of individual filaments. Because of their cost and their high points, such carpets are often used in scenes such as shelters, businesses, and various places where a considerable amount of exuberance of persons occurs. One of the colossal manufacturers of this type of carpet is China.

Snared carpets

Snared flooring is one of the least complex and most accessible types of carpets. These rugs are of high quality and are made by pulling some pieces of nonwoven or cotton materials through very thick texture cross sections.

Tied pile

For bonded pile carpets, the base weft yarns are replaced with an additional weft yarn which rises from the surface of the fabric at an opposite edge.

Cutting and grinding piles

The cut and loop pile consolidates both looped and cut filaments. They offer a choice of medium strength surfaces. Cut and loop carpets are available in bold or different shades. The few different layers in this rug can wrap floors and impressions informal and casual regions.


Saxony is made up of tightly cut piles that are just warm. They consist of at least two filaments twisted into a yarn, giving a delicate surface to casual and formal territories. They show every single impression and even stamp vacuum cleaners.

Structured Saxony

Textured carpet is the highest rated and works admirably in casual territories because of its delicate feel. They are firmly twisted and have a surface headset for medium ruggedness. They also offer a multi-colored look that will hide traces and impressions.

Plush / velvet

Both plush and velvet are finely plied and provide a uniform shade. They are sensitive and offer more level than surfaces. This type of rug is perfect for formal zones because of its lavish appearance.


Frieze is a deeply twisted cut pile that is suitable for high movement areas. It has short strands that tend to twist in different ways on the surface to cover prints and vacuum marks.

Level loop pile

The flat loop pile is constructed by combing loops of yarns in the carpet backs at the two closures. This type of rug is sturdy and additionally safe because of the firm loops. Higher loops in the carpet will give a more luxurious look. They are also exceptional because they prevent the floor from getting loose on the carpet.


Some time ago a lion's share of this material was made with fleece. Today, nylon pieces are regarded as the most commonly used carpets in homes. By and large, one end of the other carpets is one of these five filaments: nylon, polyester, nonwoven, polypropylene (olefin) or acrylic.


Nylon items, though considered extremely expensive, are the hardest and most mature rugs. Individuals regularly prefer these in their homes because nylon strands are not caught, and moreover, because stains can be effectively expelled from them.


Polyester made are also durable and recolor safe. Many people tend to use the attractive color tones of polyester rugs over alternative types.

Fleece rugs have been used since the idea of ​​the rug. However, woolen pieces are extremely expensive and cost twice as much as nylon pieces. If cash is not an issue, choosing a fleece rug is a phenomenal choice as they arrive in a wide variety of beautiful colors. Fleece mats are also easier to clean when they get a stain.

Polypropylene carpets, also known as olefin carpets, are reliable and newly dyed carpets. Despite the fact that they are moderately less expensive, however, they dissolve at a low temperature and can easily be squeezed.

Acrylic strands are mainly used in floor coverings. As they look like fleece strands, the demand for acrylic carpets is expanding step by step. Acrylic rugs are springy and color neutral and their shading does not blur easily.

In addition, the list goes on. There are many different types of rugs available in the market this item has not focused on. Be sure to search through the web if you need to think about more types of carpets. You will also find the point-by-point data on properties of each of these types, which makes it less demanding for you to choose the right piece for your home or office.

Monday, 1 January 2018

The Top Benefits Of Carpet In Singapore

Since it was first made and used on a large scale, carpeting has been a popular option for offices and homes in Singapore. This is because of the fact that carpet is among the more practical flooring alternatives while being available in a lot of fashionable varieties. Now, this is the reason carpeting is the most famous flooring choice nowadays with more than half of the entire new flooring installations using carpet. However, the popularity of carpeting as your preferred flooring choice is not a new thing, it's a trend which has been maintained for more than half a decade now!

Therefore, what is it concerning carpet that makes it so enticing? The answer is that there're many benefits given by carpeting which other flooring types don't offer. If these benefits truly sound great to you and your office or home requirements, then carpeting may just be the ideal choice for you.

Carpet makes your room appear better and also adds to the décor. Making use of color, pile heights, and patterns, you can create the image you would like for your business or home. Carpet fits well into an indoor surrounding without dominating it.

Warm to your feet
Looking practical and stylish are always good selling points, however, one of the main reasons people select carpet is because they would like to walk on a warm flooring. Now, sepping out of your bed onto a tile floor isn't a pleasant experience like carpet.

Appearance and color are part of how your décor is "fulfilled," however carpet can also make a statement deeply than appearance. This can match a style. Via diverse face weights, various fibers, various pile heights, carpet truly could make a statement regarding a business or home. It allows corporate or individual expression.

Insulate your home

As you install carpeting, you'll also install the padding of carpet. Together the padding and carpet will give the home a greater level of insulation that can assist save you cash on your cooling bills and heating. Some carpets give better insulation compare to others so ensure to get a carpet having a higher density if it's a vital factor for your needs.

Enhanced soundproofing

Now, carpet by nature is better at lowering and absorbing noise in offices and homes than other options. This is why you'll always get carpeting in buildings of an apartment and other structures in which noise is a concern.

Safety improvement
Wood and tile are more prone to be slick than carpet. Additionally, carpeting is softer and will give a bit of a cushion if you or somebody in the home accidentally falls. Usually, this is more of an issue for people with small kids or for older persons.

Improve aesthetics of the room

With time, floors can easily become damaged. In certain cases, floors could be warped and in some situations, concrete floors can develop cracks at the foundation. If your floors have reasonable damage, carpet can normally hide it from the eye. Now, the more you plan on attempting to cover-up, then the higher the carpet density you should choose.


Among the most frustrating things that a conscientious expert carpet cleaner will hear, is from those who think carpet is more costly or more hard to maintain than difficult surface floors. Anybody who has been responsible for the competent upkeep of a tile, hardwood floor or stone knows that is not really the case. Cleaning solutions, equipment, training, and systems are available which make a carpet in maintaining installed in all kinds of indoor environments.

Now, add to the fact that cleaning of carpet can be by both interim "appearance" methods of maintenance for your short run (like cleaning low moisture encapsulation) and restorative appearance methods, "wearability", as well as health, in the long run (truck mounted warm water extraction cleaning). It can be maintained at a great appearance and also make positive contributions to the general quality of indoor environments.

Cleaner air in your office or home

This benefit comes along with a caveat, to benefit from enhanced air quality, you have to always keep your carpet cleaned. If you do, there's a lot of research which reveals a significant enhancement in the air quality in the home by utilizing carpeting. This is because of the fact that dust, as well as other nasty allergens, are trapped by the fibers of the carpet. Which is precisely the reason you need frequent deep cleaning in removing the trapped allergens and dust.

Relatively affordable

Carpet, when compared to other options of flooring are relatively similar quality, is normally cheaper to buy and install. Your carpet is easily installed by yourself, but if you use a competent installer, you wouldn't pay as you would for other kinds of flooring.


Your carpet is made to conceal and hide soil, dirt, and other spilled as well as tracked materials which are better than some other floor covering options. The construction of your carpet fiber lets it conceal spills and soil. Other floors covering choices require quick maintenance when liquid is spilled or soil is tracked.

Collection as well as Filtration Center

Having carpet will act as a filter in your indoor environment. Carpet filters pollutants and airborne soiling from the airspace. That's a major benefit of carpet. No other business or home furnishing truly do a better task of collecting and filtering pollutants and soil whereby they can be completely and properly removed and taken away by professional cleaners.

A long lifespan and has a warranty

It can last long these days. Now, you can buy carpets which are guaranteed to last for up to 30 years and they come with a warranty from the manufacturer for some certain period of time so you can be confident in the flooring choice.

Carpet helps to prevent the migration of bio-contaminants and pollutants all through the indoor surrounding. All forms of hard floors surface don't. Carpet is a good indoor filter as well as a collection center. When maintained properly by professional, carpet contributes to your healthier environment.

There you have a lot of benefits of selecting carpeting as your flooring option. If all these benefits sound great to you, then get carpets for your flooring and just enjoy these benefits for many years to come.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Clean Your Carpets Frequently To Live In A Healthier And Comfortable Environment

Sustaining the necessary standards of cleanliness in your home or office is a priority that should be considered first. We all know how much a dirty home brings uneasiness as you cannot be comfortable even to welcome guests or invite your friends. A dirty place also encourages the breeding of harmful pathogens and bacterias that pose health risks to your family. One essential part to ensure thorough cleaning is your carpets as it contributes multiple benefits to your lifestyle and also how everyone close to you perceives you.

Therefore, cleaning your carpet is a regular duty that must not be skipped, and it will save a lot for you in various ways and here are the benefits of performing the task:

Preventing mold growth
Those people who dwell in dump areas where high humidity weather prevails for a long time should realize that this weather causes dumbness which results in moisture content levels to rise in their houses. Your carpet may absorb this moisture as it is made of fibers that retain the dampness providing room for mold to develop if your carpet is not dried as soon as you realize it has absorbed some dampness.

To eliminate the mold from your carpets, you should clean the carpets regularly with appropriate carpet cleaning products from the market. The benefits of eliminating the mold from your carpets are that you have distanced yourself from various infections that may have erupted if the bacteria and pathogens would have been allowed to breed.

Removing Oduor and Bad Smell
If your carpets retain dumbness for long, you will find that there is an awkward smell within your room which you cannot define the source. But if you happen to raise your carpets, the odor increases and if you carefully inspect the surface beneath the carpet, you realize there is dampness and that the smell is coming from there. Then you are supposed to ensure that you take your carpets out for cleaning immediately to eliminate the smell which if let to will result in uncomfortable dwelling environment.

Preventing dust and mite infestations
Some people get affected with dust mite infestations without their knowledge. The organisms are microscopic hence you cannot detect their presence at all unless you are an expert who is not the case. These organisms dwell in dust places such as within the carpet fibers. If you let people step on your carpet with dirty shoes containing dirt and mud from the outside, then you should realize that the mud dries out and due to the frequent stepping on the carpet, the dirt dries out turning into dust thus proviging a comforatble place for the organisms to breed.

The creatures may then be inhaled to our bodies which may result in dust mite infestations. Therefore you will need to clean your carpets frequently to eliminate the dust particles.

Eliminates the pollutants trapped in the fibers
Environmental studies reveal that dirty carpets provide a hiding place for various air pollutants within our homes. Dirty carpets can hide cockroaches, allergens, pet wastes, harmful lead pollutant and the common dust from soil particles. These particles may contain toxic gases which may be toxic and rest on your carpet.

When the carpets are disturbed as a result of moving around the house, this toxic air may pollute the fresh air within the room and be inhailed to our bodies resulting to diverse health problems which shoud be avoided by cleaning your carpet at regular intervals to avoid such cases.

Water damage
If your carpet retains water for a long, then the fiber may start deteriorating thus weakening the attachment which leads the carpet to start wearing out slowly. It will be astonishing when you lift your carpet one day from the floor only to find out you are lifting your carpet in pieces. Therefore to protect your carpets, you need to clean your carpets after some time and more importantly, make sure you rinse and wait for it to dry completely before returning it to the house.

Greasy Stains
Another benefit of cleaning your carpets after some time is that you will remove all the greasy stains before they become intolerant. Every stain requires some unique way to remove. You should find the most appropriate stain removers in the market and avoid those that may damage your carpet. Some stains require you to remove them immediately to avoid permanent marks.

Help you save
The prime benefit of cleaning your carpet frequently is that you will have the opportunity to sustain the carpet for long. Neglecting the carpet will create damages on the fiber which will result to wearing out soon. This may force you to encounter the unexpected budget expenses as you will have to purchase a new carpet which would have been avoided if you had kept the carpet in good condition.

Carpet cleaning options

If you find that your time is squeezed and you do not have adequate time to perform the duty on your own, you may opt for professional cleaners around you to hire their services. This expert always undertakes the task seriously to gain the trust of their clients so that you may hire them once more. They use specific detergents for every type carpet to ensure that quality is not compromised such as shampoos to kill the bacterias and pathogens.

Carpet Cleaning By Steam Carpet Cleaning
Qualified professionals usually use this cleaning on your carpets to assure that your carpets are completely clean. The method involves using very high temperature which penetrates deep into the carpet fibers thus removing all the particles which may not have been reached by other means and also killing bacterias and microorganisms hiding deep int the carpet fibers.


There are countless benefits when you clean your carpet frequently. Your home reflects your personality, lifestyle and how people around you perceive you. This means that you have to maintain your carpets clean as any part of your home for healthier living. Therefore, you should find time to execute this important role or find someone who can do it for you in the right way. Maintaining any item in your home always has a benefit in that it keeps the items durable for long. The cost of maintenance is always cheaper than buy new carpets as a whole, therefore, keep your carpets clean to live in comfort home free from dirt and stress.

Monday, 31 July 2017

How Often To Clean Your Carpet

The initial response would be: as often as you can afford to. Carpet cleaning not only extends the "life" of your carpet but also prevents the buildup of harmful germs and bacteria that can cause illness in your home. The minimum recommended carpet cleaning schedule by most cleaning services is twice a year, but if you do any of the following you may want to up that number to the recommendation provided:

· Smoking
If you always smoke, you will want to clean your carpet every three months. Nicotine resin sticks to carpet fibers, and bacteria stick to nicotine resin, making it a double-danger as far as health matters go.

· Children
Kids are hard on carpets. It is just a given. They drop things, track in dirt, and spill their food and drink. Therefore, most cleaning companies recommend a minimum of three times per year if you have children.

· Pets
Most house cleaning services in Singapore recommend that pet owners have their carpets cleaned at a schedule of every three to four months to prevent germs, urine, and dander from building up.

Carpet fibers (and fabrics in general) trap bacteria, germs, molds, and grime. Those pollutants stay in your carpet and get into the air of your home as you walk. Estimates of in-home air quality show that there are more harmful pollutants in your home than in the air of most major cities. Attention to your carpets, cabinets, and walls can prevent those toxins from getting into your lungs and causing sickness and infection. So if you own carpets or area rugs, at the minimum, have them cleaned twice a year by a residential cleaning service, commercial cleaning service, or even just rent a steam cleaner if you have to! Your lungs will thank you for it.

Carpets tend to hold everything in, including dirt, stains, odors, mites, hair, and dust. The only way to completely remove some of these items is through deep cleaning, no matter what kind of carpets you have.

· Quality of Carpet Material
Usually, different carpets are handled differently. Several factors influence this. A crucial one is the carpet's quality. For example, cheaper carpets might not hold up as well to frequent cleaning as a wool rug. It is because every time the carpet is cleaned, the fibers are broken down a bit. Therefore, you can clean higher quality carpets more frequently. Lower quality carpets need to be cleaned less often.

· Exposure
A crucial factor to be put into consideration when deciding how frequently to clean the carpet is how much dirt the carpet is exposed to. The carpets that are in areas with high traffic will need to be cleaned more frequently to prevent pollutants and dirt from accumulating that can contaminate your home. Frequent cleaning will also help the carpets stay looking good. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that the high-traffic areas in your house have dirt-resistant and high-quality carpets that can hold up to frequent cleaning.

You also need good quality carpets in areas with high traffic because if dirt accumulates on the carpeting, friction is generated between the carpet and shoes walking on it. Ultimately, the friction wears down the carpet fibers, accelerating the process of wear and tear. Good quality carpeting that has strong fibers can withstand the friction. So to avoid having to replace the carpet frequently, a high-quality one needs to be selected to begin with.

· Deep Cleaning Schedule
In general, carpets should be deep cleaned at least once a year no matter what the quality of the carpeting is or how little or much dirt they are exposed to. If you happen to live by yourself and the only thing dirtying your carpets are environmental factors, then that should be sufficient. However, if you have kids or pets, you might need to clean your carpets more frequently. Depending on how much traffic the carpets receive, you might want to consider cleaning them every 6 or 9 months. If you smoke in addition to having pets and kids, it might be necessary to deep clean every three months, so high-quality carpets will need to be purchased.

Keep in mind; carpets are meant to hide dirt. They are designed for that purpose. So when you happen to notice dirty or dark areas, by that time, it's probably filthy and in need of an immediate cleaning. However, it is better not to wait until the carpet has gotten to this state of soiling before cleaning to minimize the amount of wear and tear that results just from dirt accumulation. If you wash your carpets regularly, they will continue looking great and serve you for a very long time.

Carpet is still one of the most popular floors that is available on the market. Nearly everyone has at least some form of carpet in their house and most people have mixed feelings about it. They love how it feels under their feet, but they dislike how it looks or stays clean. The truth about carpet is that it is a great floor if you maintain it properly. However, if it remains uncleaned for long periods of time, it can mat down and become dirty. How often are you supposed to clean your carpets and what benefits does it give you? Let's explore the basics of carpet cleaning.

Everyday people walk on carpet, and everyday some dirt and soil is released into the carpet fibers. Just because you cannot visibly see dirt does not mean it has not worked its way into the fibers. Continuing to walk on the carpet after it has been soiled will cause the soil to break down the carpet fibers. Obviously this will have negative effects for your carpet. Stain treatments will not be as effective and the texture will not feel the same.

Getting your carpet cleaned will generally make your carpet look new again, which is another great reason to keep up on deep cleaning. Almost all carpet on the market today is made with heat-set technology, meaning the carpet fibers have a memory that will respond to heat. This means more is done then just removing soil when your carpet is steam cleaned, it is actually brought back to life. Having your carpet steam cleaned will expose the fibers to heat, causing them to twist themselves back together, making your carpet look like new. This only occurs when you keep up on deep cleaning your carpet, having it done on a regular basis.

The most obvious reason to get your carpets cleaned is to get negative things out of your carpet. Even though it might not look dirty, some pretty nasty things can be trapped in the fiber of your carpet. Mold, spores, dirt, pet dander, and other unwanted things can be trapped in your carpet if you don't clean it. This can lead to an unhealthy living environment for you and your children. Cleaning the carpet will also improve the air quality of the rooms that the carpet is located in.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Types Of Carpet For Home

Carpets are available in so many diverse varieties such that it becomes problematic for people to make informed decisions. The different types and styles-cut pile and loop pile- further have varied styles which are too difficult to distinguish if one does not have professional knowledge about carpets. One’s home also contributes in home carpet selection. In a home where there are pets, some carpet types might not be suitable.

Where there are young kids in a home, the carpet also differs from one installed in a home where there are only one or two people residing. How does one choose a suitable carpet for home when there are too many options to pick from? The guide to choosing home carpet is through gaining enlightenment about the types of carpet available for installing on home flooring. Below are the various types and styles of carpet.

The two main classifications of carpet types are:

1. Cut pile
2. Loop pile

Other than the above types of carpets, carpet types can also be classified based on the type of fiber used to make them. There also carpet types such as modular carpets.

Cut pile carpets

These carpets last for long due to quality fiber, twisted yarn and tufts that are of high density. Examples are:

1. Saxony carpet
Saxony carpet is mainly used for adding beauty in a home. It comes in a range of colors giving people a chance to choose the color that goes well with their homes and personal liking. It has a high dense pile which gives softness. The carpet also has good insulation capabilities. It is ideal in homes where there is little human traffic because it is not easy to clean.

2. Textured carpet
The fibers used for this carpet are of low density. The height of the fiber is not uniform as well. The carpet helps in making dirt less evident in a room.

3. Cable carpet
It is characterized by very thick fibers that are also long in size. Due to thick fibers, the carpet provides a lot of comfort.

Loop pile carpets

They are durable just like cut pile carpets and convenient for homes with an assortment of activities- toddlers who are at the crawling stage, pets, many people and so on. Examples are:

1. Berber carpet (level loop)
There are those individuals who have undying love for pets-cats and dogs. When cats and dogs are housed in the main house, it is necessary to look for a carpet that is not affected by strands of hair that fall off from these pets. Berber carpet is the best for those with pets rather than patterned multi-level loop carpets which cause injuries to pets when the claws are caught in the loops. The fiber used in berber capret is weaved in a close-fitting way leaving little room for dirt particles to stick and hair from the dogs and cats. Berber carpet can also be cleaned quickly by vacuuming in case the pets dirts it.

2. Patterned multilevel loop carpet
From the name itself, these carpet has a patterned style. The patterns result due to utilization of loops of different heights. This carpet neither reveals marks caused by vacuuming nor footprints.

3. Cut and loop pile carpets
These carpets are made using cut pile and loop pile carpet fibers. The combination of the two sets of fiber gives these carpets a textured look and increases their stain and dirt resistance. In homes where there are many inhabitants, these carpets can be used since they conceal dirt.

Carpet types based on fiber types

4. PET (polyester) carpet
Carpets made of PET fiber are currently a top choice among people as they are available at a low cost. They also have eco-friendly attributes hence suitable for those that are very conscious about the environment. This carpet is also convenient in homes where there are children. In case of spills, the carpet is not affected as it is stain resistant.

5. Nylon carpet
Nylon carpet heightens the elegance of the room where it is installed. It offers abundant comfort as it is very soft. It also promises service for a long duration of time because it is very durable.

6. Triexta carpet
For home owners who love to keep pets, this is the best carpet to mount on the floor. Triexta carpet is of exceptional quality because it is long lasting, stain resistant and soil resistant.

7. Wool carpet
Wool fiber is commonly used for carpets and it a wise choice when choosing a carpet for your home. If your home is a hive of activity, consider a wool carpet. With lot of human traffic, young children who are active and pets, wool carpet is the best selection to install on your floor. There are several reasons that make wool carpet a good consideration.

· Wool carpet is naturally not prone to stains that are caused by spills from drinks, dirt and soil particles.

· It is top on the list of carpet types that are durable.

· Cleaning wool carpet is very simple.

· Wool carpet is available in different types of colors, textures and patterns hence gives a home a stylish look.

· It has a soft feel giving people enough comfort.

Other carpet types

Modular carpet (tile style carpet)
The good thing about modular carpet is the flexibility it offers a person in replacing sections of the carpet when perceived necessary. When there are spills on the modular carpet, the sections affected can be replaced if the stains are hard to get rid of. A person just needs to contact a carpet installer to install new carpet squares. However, modular carpet is not preferred by many individuals for their homes. But modular carpet can be a wonderful option for installing in children’s bedrooms, stairway, entertainment rooms and living rooms.

In conclusion, there is a carpet type suitable for everyone who wants to install a carpet in a home. Be it for decoration purposes, home renovation purposes or to boost your comfort, there is a type of carpet to enable you realize your goal. When choosing a suitable carpet for your home, confirm it is wear resistant (longevity), stain resistant and provides comfort. Besides, ensure damaged floor is repaired before the carpet is installed. Although you can install the carpet on your own, consult a professional carpet installer to ensure it is installed right.