Wednesday, 16 December 2015

5 Common Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

Carpets are part of interior decors that you should never miss in your house. On top of giving your house floor an aesthetic finishing, they keep your feet warm when the weather is cold. Given their everyday use, carpets get dirt like any other item in your household. They draw dust, small food particles and germs thus becoming health hazards. This necessitates cleaning them once in a while. The problem is that many people do not understand carpet cleaning and they have formed so many misconceptions around the subject. 

The best carpet cleaning services are done by professionals who understand every cleaning challenge that your carpet may present. These professionals are acquainted with the cleaning method your carpet needs and their wide array of tools will always get the job done. If you are seeking carpet cleaning services in Singapore, a professional company should be a top priority in your list of choices. But it would be prudent to take not of the 5 common carpet cleaning misconceptions that people have so that you do not fall into the same trap. 

· The cheapest carpet cleaning company is the best: It is a common thing that everyone will want to save a few dimes. That is why you will be tempted by cheaper products and services. Carpet cleaning is no exception; you will want to hire the cheapest cleaning firm. But this may not be the best decision to make since it comes with a number of adverse consequences. Cheaper cleaning services fall short of the quality you desire and you are will not be satisfied with what you get. You should go for companies that will charge reasonable prices for a commendable job. Unless you want a badly done job, keep away from cheap deals. This does not mean that you will not get affordable services out there but be prepared to pay premium rates for good services.

· Carpets should be cleaned only when they are physically dirty: There are people out there who only take their carpet for cleaning when they can see dirt on it. They forget the fact that carpets accumulate invisible dirt which is even more harmful than what they see. Germs are never visible and they lodge themselves in the carpet fabrics. Your office or home carpet may be sparkling on the surface but it is bearing countless germs within the fabric. This is why carpets which are not cleaned regularly get worn out faster. You will be buying a carpet every year if you do not often take it for cleaning.

· Your carpet gets dirty fast if you clean it regularly: People in Singapore have this delusion that carpet gets dirty faster when you keep taking it for cleaning. This is a misconception you should never believe. On the contrary, cleaning your carpet regularly keeps it clean and safe for long. I believe these people have never found a reliable cleaning company that gives quality services. There are cleaning firms who only want to get your money; they use inappropriate cleaning methods and end up adding more dirt to your carpet. You will be taking your carpet home from cleaning already with some dirty on it. Their cleaning technicians are not qualified and will not give your carpet a thorough cleaning it deserves. If you get the services of a credible carpet cleaner, you will stay for quite some time before you go out again seeking for the services.

· Carpet cleaning companies give their price quotes over the phone: There is a belief among many people in Singapore that professional cleaning companies give their price quotes over the phone. Yes many companies quote their prices for you over the phone when you call but it does not end there. A credible company will take the step to physically visit your home or office to assess the extent of the work and how best they can tackle it. There are cons in the industry and tend to use this misconception to their advantage. They will quote their prices over the phone and even ask for payment before seeing the work to be done. To overcome this delusion, people in Singapore should hire professionals to have a taste of excellent services not driven by the greedy for money.

· You can do the job as long you have right the right tools: This is the age of Do-it-yourself (DIY) and people in Singapore would want to save money doing things by themselves which is a great idea. Cleaning your carpet may sound easy but there are things you will never get right. A carpet is made of delicate fabric and a choice of wrong cleaning method or tool will destroy it for good. You will be back to shopping for a new carpet when this one gets ugly. Going to the experts has its advantages: they have the right tools, experience and trained technicians. You can never do it better than they do. If you want your carpet to be clean and last long then a professional cleaner is the best bet you have.
Considerations that carpet cleaning companies make before doing the job

· Extent of dirt: the dirtier your carpet is the more time it will take to be cleaned. Companies will charge you more than they would for cleaner ones. This is why regular cleaning is advisable even when there is no visible dirt. As said earlier, you do not have to wait to see your carpet physically dirt to take it for cleaning.

· Furniture to be moved: before taking the cleaning work, a professional company will come to your office or home and make a survey on the furniture to be moved before and after cleaning the carpet. The furniture moving is usually done a day before and you will get extra charges if there is lots of furniture to be moved.

· Type of your carpet: the type of your carpet determines the cleaning method to be used. In Singapore, the most common methods include bonneting, dry and steam cleaning. Professionals know what is best for each type and this is why your carpet is in safe hands when you take it to them.