Saturday, 6 May 2017

Types Of Carpet For Home

Carpets are available in so many diverse varieties such that it becomes problematic for people to make informed decisions. The different types and styles-cut pile and loop pile- further have varied styles which are too difficult to distinguish if one does not have professional knowledge about carpets. One’s home also contributes in home carpet selection. In a home where there are pets, some carpet types might not be suitable.

Where there are young kids in a home, the carpet also differs from one installed in a home where there are only one or two people residing. How does one choose a suitable carpet for home when there are too many options to pick from? The guide to choosing home carpet is through gaining enlightenment about the types of carpet available for installing on home flooring. Below are the various types and styles of carpet.

The two main classifications of carpet types are:

1. Cut pile
2. Loop pile

Other than the above types of carpets, carpet types can also be classified based on the type of fiber used to make them. There also carpet types such as modular carpets.

Cut pile carpets

These carpets last for long due to quality fiber, twisted yarn and tufts that are of high density. Examples are:

1. Saxony carpet
Saxony carpet is mainly used for adding beauty in a home. It comes in a range of colors giving people a chance to choose the color that goes well with their homes and personal liking. It has a high dense pile which gives softness. The carpet also has good insulation capabilities. It is ideal in homes where there is little human traffic because it is not easy to clean.

2. Textured carpet
The fibers used for this carpet are of low density. The height of the fiber is not uniform as well. The carpet helps in making dirt less evident in a room.

3. Cable carpet
It is characterized by very thick fibers that are also long in size. Due to thick fibers, the carpet provides a lot of comfort.

Loop pile carpets

They are durable just like cut pile carpets and convenient for homes with an assortment of activities- toddlers who are at the crawling stage, pets, many people and so on. Examples are:

1. Berber carpet (level loop)
There are those individuals who have undying love for pets-cats and dogs. When cats and dogs are housed in the main house, it is necessary to look for a carpet that is not affected by strands of hair that fall off from these pets. Berber carpet is the best for those with pets rather than patterned multi-level loop carpets which cause injuries to pets when the claws are caught in the loops. The fiber used in berber capret is weaved in a close-fitting way leaving little room for dirt particles to stick and hair from the dogs and cats. Berber carpet can also be cleaned quickly by vacuuming in case the pets dirts it.

2. Patterned multilevel loop carpet
From the name itself, these carpet has a patterned style. The patterns result due to utilization of loops of different heights. This carpet neither reveals marks caused by vacuuming nor footprints.

3. Cut and loop pile carpets
These carpets are made using cut pile and loop pile carpet fibers. The combination of the two sets of fiber gives these carpets a textured look and increases their stain and dirt resistance. In homes where there are many inhabitants, these carpets can be used since they conceal dirt.

Carpet types based on fiber types

4. PET (polyester) carpet
Carpets made of PET fiber are currently a top choice among people as they are available at a low cost. They also have eco-friendly attributes hence suitable for those that are very conscious about the environment. This carpet is also convenient in homes where there are children. In case of spills, the carpet is not affected as it is stain resistant.

5. Nylon carpet
Nylon carpet heightens the elegance of the room where it is installed. It offers abundant comfort as it is very soft. It also promises service for a long duration of time because it is very durable.

6. Triexta carpet
For home owners who love to keep pets, this is the best carpet to mount on the floor. Triexta carpet is of exceptional quality because it is long lasting, stain resistant and soil resistant.

7. Wool carpet
Wool fiber is commonly used for carpets and it a wise choice when choosing a carpet for your home. If your home is a hive of activity, consider a wool carpet. With lot of human traffic, young children who are active and pets, wool carpet is the best selection to install on your floor. There are several reasons that make wool carpet a good consideration.

· Wool carpet is naturally not prone to stains that are caused by spills from drinks, dirt and soil particles.

· It is top on the list of carpet types that are durable.

· Cleaning wool carpet is very simple.

· Wool carpet is available in different types of colors, textures and patterns hence gives a home a stylish look.

· It has a soft feel giving people enough comfort.

Other carpet types

Modular carpet (tile style carpet)
The good thing about modular carpet is the flexibility it offers a person in replacing sections of the carpet when perceived necessary. When there are spills on the modular carpet, the sections affected can be replaced if the stains are hard to get rid of. A person just needs to contact a carpet installer to install new carpet squares. However, modular carpet is not preferred by many individuals for their homes. But modular carpet can be a wonderful option for installing in children’s bedrooms, stairway, entertainment rooms and living rooms.

In conclusion, there is a carpet type suitable for everyone who wants to install a carpet in a home. Be it for decoration purposes, home renovation purposes or to boost your comfort, there is a type of carpet to enable you realize your goal. When choosing a suitable carpet for your home, confirm it is wear resistant (longevity), stain resistant and provides comfort. Besides, ensure damaged floor is repaired before the carpet is installed. Although you can install the carpet on your own, consult a professional carpet installer to ensure it is installed right.