Thursday, 21 June 2018

Useful Information About A Home Green Carpet

Carpet remains one of the most popular flooring options, as it's the only one of its kind that is soft, luxurious and bursting with unique colors and patterns. One of the newest updates is green carpeting options. With more focus on an environmentally friendly carpet for the home, this flooring is now popularly made from post-consumer recycled materials.

At first glance, the eco-friendly carpet may seem to be absolutely perfect - and the right purchase to make. But just as you would consider the pros and cons of any home improvement project, you should also look at the advantages and disadvantages of shopping for green carpet for the home.

First off, it's important to understand the differences between green carpets. Some are made from post-consumer recycled materials such as pop and water bottles. This flooring option is an excellent choice, as it keeps waste out of the landfills, recycles material and allows the carpeting to be recycled at a later date. It also uses less Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs, leading to a healthier, happier home.

There are also natural carpets that are made from natural materials such as wool, jute or seagrass. These materials come from resources throughout the world and help support the economy. They are treated with far fewer toxins and are generally quite durable in nature, but their prices can be high, as they are dependent on the environment and other global conditions.

With these factors in mind, let's take a look at the pros and cons to the natural carpet.

The Advantages to Green Carpet
- Recycled carpet benefits the environment, as it keeps waste out of landfills.

- When you choose to replace your recycled carpet, it can be further recycled, unlike traditional carpet scraps.

- There are fewer VOCs with recycled carpet, leading to improved indoor air quality and fewer respiratory conditions.

- Natural carpets are made at factories that emit fewer toxins in the air, making factories safer for the environment.

- The cost of natural carpets has come down in price, there are more options to work with and durability and stain resistance are high.

- By purchasing natural carpet for the home, you're supporting the local economy and making a difference in the environment.

The Disadvantages to Recycled Carpet
- Not all recycled carpets are made with 100% recyclable materials. Some only use 60%, which means you're not getting the full benefit.

- There are fewer options available in terms of color and style, which can make it difficult for homeowners that have something specific in mind.

- Depending on your regional location, there may be fewer quantities of natural carpet on hand.

- Natural and recycled carpets cost more than traditional carpets. Natural carpets are dependent on its sources, while recycled carpeting is a bit more difficult to produce.

As you see, there are many pros and cons to choosing green carpeting, although most people agree that eco-friendly carpet for the home is the better choice. You will still have to consider your own budget and personal preferences, and many of the minor drawbacks of recycled carpet should be overcome in the future. For example, more manufacturers are already offering green carpeting, which means more choices and lower costs. The most important factor is that we finally have a choice and can make a positive impact on the environment.

Green Carpet Cleaning Solution

It is hard to find the right carpet cleaning solution for removing carpet odors. In fact, many people spend large amounts of money to get carpets and vehicles professionally cleaned when odors are too strong to eliminate themselves.

Many chemically based cleaning solutions simply mask bad smells but cannot remove them. Expensive cleaning machines may leave you with a damp carpet that takes hours to dry, rendering the area unusable. In addition, such dampness may lead to even worse odors, associated with mildew and mold. The good news is that there is, in fact, a way to remove odors from carpets and it is completely eco-friendly.

Getting to the Source
To understand why a green carpet cleaning solution is so effective, it is important to understand how carpet cleaning chemicals are used. The odor from within carpets may often be deeply embedded within the carpet fibers. In many cases, carpet cleaning systems, like vacuum cleaners, may eliminate only the top surface of the stain, leaving the particles behind that may resurface and cause odors.
In some cases, the stain may harden and become difficult to dislodge. Many chemical cleaners usually just cover bad carpet odor with a strong chemical scent. However, this soon fades and the bad carpet odor returns. If the foul odor comes from mold or fungus, it may be even more difficult to remove as it can re-grow and spread to other areas of the carpet.

There is an eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution, which effectively removes odors because it attacks the odor right at the source. These carpet cleaners actually contain a special kind of technology that breaks down dirt and debris, right at the molecular level. These tiny particles are then encapsulated, enabling them to be removed completely and effectively with a carpet extractor. In this way, even the toughest stains and old deposits can be broken down and removed with relative ease.

The Right Machine
Apart from green cleaning products, an effective carpet cleaning solution also lies in using the right kind of cleaning machines. After all, pre-spraying the carpet with a green solution to crystallize dirt is only half the process. These crystallized residues must be extracted. However, if the carpet cleaners do not contain the power needed for cleaning deep stains, particles will remain behind, causing odors, mold, fungus, and bacteria.

When purchasing carpet extractor machines or rug carpet cleaners, it is worth looking into units that have a low water flow. These machines will rely more on extraction power to eliminate dirt and debris. In this way, the drying times for carpets can be reduced to just a few hours. This is an important point to consider when looking for a cleaning solution for carpets in commercial areas with high traffic.

The machines used in conjunction with your carpet cleaning solution also play a role in odor removal. For instance, hot water carpet cleaners are more efficient in cleaning sticky stains or deposits that may be old and hardened. A hot water carpet extractor used with the right eco-friendly cleaning chemical can go a long way in removing foul odors that are particularly stubborn. In addition, the quick drying times associated with heated, low-flow carpet extractors lead to no risk of mold or mildew growth, one of the leading causes of odors resulting when cleaning carpets improperly.

The bottom line is that you do not need to eliminate a perfectly good carpet just because it has a foul odor, nor do you have to spend hefty sums of money for professional services to continually maintain your business's carpets. By using the right cleaning chemicals with the right rug carpet cleaners, even the most stubborn odors can be removed.